Temptin’ – The “Taste Mein Twist” brand!

Empire Spices & Foods Ltd is a well known company in the spice market of India. The company launched the brand ‘Ram Bandhu’ which encompasses ground spices, blended spices, seasoning powders and other specialized food products. Ram Bandhu’s condiments and other related products have become a favourite of the masses. The brand’s products are aimed at bringing convenience to the day to day cooking process.

Empire Spices & Foods Ltd has recently launched the brand ‘Temptin’ to cater to the fast paced metropolitan lifestyle & eating preferences. Temptin is a brand that resonates with the youth.  The products in this line include a range of readymade sauces which greatly enhance the flavour of food.  All the products are natural, delicious and suit every palette. Being multi-cuisine in nature these products are greatly versatile and can be enjoyed with a variety of dishes.

Temptin has an edge over other ketchup brands in terms of quality and consistency. Temptin has a range of products that are very popular amongst the urban youth like ketchup, sauces,  and ready to cook meals. Ginger Garlic Paste is the best seller in the Temptin range followed by Tomato Ketchup. The tomato ketchup is succulently rich and luscious. Only carefully selected tomatoes of the best quality are used in the production process.

Apart from the signature Tomato Ketchup, Temptin also has a range of spicy Asian Sauces. The Green Chilli Sauce and Red Chilli Sauce are the most popular in this range.  These sauces are multi-cuisine, hence, they can be enjoyed with any Indian preparation apart from Chinese and other dishes. Every day lunch and dinner items like Parathas, Rotis, Khichdi and Rice can be made more palatable with the help of products from Temptin. For those who prefer a desi take on regular snacks like Samosa, Temptin also offers Imli Sauce. Temptin has gained a loyal customer base as it provides the best quality sauces.

The ginger Garlic Paste from Temptin is a quick solution when making sabjis or any other Indian or foreign dish. Fresh ginger and garlic are mixed hygienically to make the multi-utilitarian paste. This paste proves to be a real time saver and makes delectable dishes!

These days people prefer meals that take minimum efforts, but are also healthy and delicious. Due to this, there has been a rise for the ready to make meal options. Breakfast is a rushed affair for the youth today; however, it is a necessity. Temptin has a wonderful product in this category known as Xpress Poha. Many people from the younger generation opt for the Xpress Poha which is ready in just 3 minutes.

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