Our Brands

Ram Bandhu – The 25 year old relationship of the people of India with brand ‘Ram Bandhu’ and its icons like Chivada Masala, Papad Atta & Papad Masala form the basis of the trust that the people bestow in each of Ram Bandhu’s products. This faith of the masses has helped Ram Bandhu to grow and foster into a brand with formidable brand recall. Brand Ram Bandhu is characterised by constant innovation & products that suit the palate and lifestyle of the Indian consumer with the aim of bringing convenience and making the life and work of the housewife easier.

RBM – RBM stands for ‘Ram Bandhu Masale’. Priced strategically the products under this brand targets the price conscious consumer without compromising on quality or taste. Meat Masala, Chicken Masala, ground Chilli & Turmeric spices are some of the icons in the RBM line-up.

Temptin – The youthful brand of ‘Temptin’ symbolises the temptation that is associated with lip smacking culinary delights. The very sight of delicious food is an enticement that fills us with the desire to relish it. This is the same feeling that this condiment brand stands for, making your food tempting and irresistible.

The product range consists of Sauces, Chutneys, Pastes and Chinese Spices.

Zaiqa –  It is a one-of-its-kind premium quality gifting option that looks expensive yet is easy on the pocket!

“Zaiqa” literally means taste and flavours in Urdu. The lingering aroma and aftertaste is an important aspect of the cooking and feasting experience. We have captured these timeless food secrets through our souvenir gift pack Zaiqa.

It is an assortment of exotic spice blends and culinary delights encased in an ornate and vibrant metal case making it a classy and unique gifting option.

Your loved ones are sure to fall in love with this gift !!