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Ram Bandhu Papad Masala

 45.00 125.00
 45.00 125.00
 45.00 65.00
 45.00 65.00

Sauces,pastes & Chutney

Temptin Ginger Garlic Paste

 100.00 180.00

Sauces,pastes & Chutney

Temptin Tomato Ketchup

 60.00 140.00

Sauces,pastes & Chutney

Temptin Schezwan Chutney


Timeless Food Secrets

Zaiqa is the latest offering from the house of Rambandhu. It is a spice gift case – an assortment of exotic spice blends and culinary delights encased in an ornate and vibrant metal case. It is a truly unique gift item and will be a delight for any friend or loved one who enjoys cooking (or is learning to cook!)