Cancellation & Return Policy

  1. Customer shall be entitled to submit a cancellation request for an order placed only before the order has been shipped with valid reason. Empire Spices and Foods Ltd. reserves the right to deny cancellation of an order & will specify the reason for the denial in a such case. However in the event of an emergency situation like natural disaster, war, epidemic, acts of god or any other such scenario outside of our control order processing related information will be displayed upfront on this site and order cancellations will be at the sole discretion of Empire Spices and Foods Ltd.; and in such situations this rule will supersede all other concerned rules, information and intimation anywhere on this website or in any automated communication from us like sms, WhatsApp, email etc. In normal situations the cancellation request can be sent on mail id and will be subject to confirmation.
  2. The order cancellation and return oriented information given here will supersede any related information pertaining to our products present on any other page or platform like facebook, Whatsapp, Amazon, Big Basket etc.
  3. Refunds shall be available to the customer only in the form of coupons equivalent to order value. The validity of such coupons will be 1 year from the date of creation
  4. The estore coupon code will be provided to the customer within 15 days of confirmation of order cancellation request.
  5. In case the product is found having damage in product packaging after delivery of the same or wrong product has been shipped, the customer can request for return of the product any time after delivery of the product but not later than three (3) days from the date of delivery of the product. For such requests we will dispatch fresh products on receipt of the damaged /defective /wrongly dispatched ones; no refunds will be made in such cases.
  6. Return request to be sent through email to
  7. The products have to be returned at the expense of customer (customer will be compensated for the courier charges of the same in the form of estore coupons; customer needs to email the scan of the courier bill for the same). Address for return:- Empire House, Plot No. 30, 5th Crossing, Govind Nagar, Nashik – 422009. Ph: +91-7722093106.
  8. For all returns to be considered valid by the company the said return of the products needs to be accompanied with the invoice.
  9. In case of returns the products have to be returned in the same condition as delivered along with free /gift items sent if any.
  10. All approval of returns are subject to verification by the company and the same are left to the sole discretion of the company.
  11. The estore coupon code for compensating courier charges (referred to in point number 6) will be provided to the customer within 15 days of approval of the returned products. Email will be sent informing the same.
  12. Fresh products will be dispatched within 7 days of approval of the returned products.
  13. The Customer will be bound by this Policy and shall not hold the company (Empire Spices & Foods Ltd.) or this e-commerce website liable for any loss that she/ he may incur due to cancellation or return of the order.